The Healthy Choice for Dog Treats

Our journey began in 2019, after crafting hand-made dog treats for our two excitable puppies. Their reaction was enough to spur us into action. Thus, Tubby K9 was born. Now, we’re a family-run business delivering a wide variety of puppy treats straight to your door.

Made in Canada by dog-lovers and expert treat-makers, Tubby K9 has grown beyond our wildest expectations. With many regular products available, and curated products also up for grabs, we’re dedicated to continuously growing our pet-friendly, healthy all natural dog treat supply.

With our love of pets at the forefront of our business operations, you can trust that each product is made with the care and attention that we provide our own family.


Natural Dog Treats For Your Pooch

Made with 100% human grade ingredients, your four-legged companion will get all the vitamins and minerals they need from our hand-crafted treats. We provide both quality and sustainability in these healthy dog treats, with a taste sensation that would make any dog go wild!

Our business model also follows The Limited Ingredient Dog Treat Movement, ensuring that we use all natural ingredients and nothing else. This falls in line with our mission to be as transparent with our dog treats as you would expect from your own food. So, join the Limited Ingredient Dog Treat Movement yourself and ensure that you’re providing only the finest, chemical-free, additive-free and drool-worthy treats for your pets.

Keep your dog happy and healthy during their best moments. Our products function as both “every-day” treats to keep your dog in top shape and as “dog training” treats.


Puppy-Approved Dog Treats

We all want nothing but the best for our pets, so we’ve hired only the most experienced taste buds to approve of our natural dog treats. Because all our beloved companions, young and old, deserve the best!

Our taste-testers, Bruno and Boris, are among the finest and most professional testers we’ve come across in our years of crafting delicious dog treats.


Bruno, Quality Control Manager

bruno dog treatsWith over X years measuring the quality of the food, Bruno can be absolutely certain when Tubby K9 has perfected a new dog treat recipe. And trust us, the dedicated pooch will go through as many as it takes to find the perfect one. Anything that Bruno wouldn’t eat goes straight in the trash – because if he wouldn’t eat it, then why should your dog?


Boris, Senior Flavor Tester

boris dog treatsBoris worked his way up from Treat Stealer to a professional Flavor Tester. So, when Boris starts drooling, we know we’ve hit the motherload. As our key flavor tester, he’s the man that calls the shots on what’s hot and what’s not. So, when you’re looking for some tasty treats for your four-legged best friend, Boris’ opinion is second to none.


The Tubby K9 Promise

We seek to give your pampered pets high-quality products, providing owners with assurance that they’re doing the very best for their favorite furry friends. Ensuring the wellbeing and health of your pet while ensuring fantastic service and convenience is our priority.

Tubby K9 Tasty Treats doesn’t stock anything that we wouldn’t happily give to our own boxer puppies. If we wouldn’t choose it, then we don’t expect you to.

Our treat-creating process prioritizes the health and nutrition of your best friends, offering the tastiest products with no unnecessary ingredients.