jealous dog

Jealousy in Dogs

Jealousy is a natural feeling in dogs as much as it is for humans – only dogs don’t have any way to tell you what’s on their mind. So, if your dog is jealous, then that may cause some unwanted behaviours. Sometimes it’s difficult to differentiate jealousy from a dog simply being protective or possessive.…


Is your dog happy?

If you’re a dog owner, chances are you’ve asked yourself a lot of questions about your pup. It’s completely normal to consider what they may be thinking or feeling. Would we really be human if we didn’t wonder what they thought of us – of their life? There are many questions that might run through…

fish oil dogs

Can Dogs Have Fish Oil?

Fish Oil – Can Dogs Have It? When trying to determine what healthy vitamins you should ensure your dog gets in their diet, one question always comes up. Can dogs have fish oil? We’re not licensed veterinarians. However, we have done some research on the topic. If you’re looking for specific health requirements for your…

dogs listening words

How Do Dogs Process Words?

Does my dog understand my words? We’ve all experienced dogs responding and acting as a result of our words. When teaching our dogs tricks, we’ll likely accompany it with a verbal command, or if we’re trying to teach them manners, then we’ll offer a verbal cue. However, verbal commands may not actually be as beneficial…

dogs need vacation

Dog-Friendly Vacations

Dog-Friendly Vacations: Bring Your Best Friend With You! Some of the toughest dog-sitting decisions happen around vacation time. Just who should your little pup stay with? Is it a family member, a friend, or a kennel? It’s a hard decision, and rightfully so… But have you considered taking your pup on vacation with you? It’s…

toddler and dog

Dogs & Toddlers

Dogs & Toddlers: How to keep them both safe  Toddlers and dogs seem naturally disposed to annoying one another. Whether it’s excitable dogs running around and looking for the next best ‘play fight’, or toddlers looking to touch and prod anything mildly interesting, accidents can easily happen.  But toddlers and dogs can happily coexist!  Safety…